cover Lost In Holland - "Hearts And Minds"

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Josh Hisle / Lost In Holland

As the sun broke into the sky and began to burn, Josh Hisle was returning from yet another sleepless night of fighting a faceless enemy. With his mind racing towards a breaking point, he needed an outlet to release all the anger and pain. He dropped his gear, put down his rifle, and picked up a nasty broken acoustic he and his brothers laughingly called "the vet." He stepped out the door of his haggard shelter and sat down to play. Not long into that morning he had completed the song, "a traitors death." Wanting to express his feelings of pain, loss and the mismanagement of the war, it was nearly impossible to keep these songs to himself. Josh was an infantry squad leader and his songs didn't exactly promote the iraq war. If his squad knew he felt this way, they may begin to doubt the cause, thus rendering him ineffective as a leader. His mission was not to kill, but to bring them home alive. Day after day and fight after fight, he wrote alone, never to play these songs for his marines. It wasn't until he returned home, and left the corps a decorated veteran, that he started to play these songs live for audiences in the states. One evening, just a few minutes before playing at a local bar, Josh received a phone call from filmmaker and old friend, Mike Cerre. Mike asked him to come to Columbus and play with Neil Young as part of a documentary. Josh quickly set out to record "A Traitors Death." It was then that he met producer and publisher, Jon Brennan. The recording went well and the song began to reach many hearts and minds. The next step was obvious, Josh began recording the album that was burning inside. His songwriting background and combat experience bring forth passion and truth, both virtues rarely seen in today's music. What began as an acoustic outlet to help him through two tours in Iraq is now a message board of truth for all. He sings of love, loss and life, and that's something to which we can all relate. Since the recording of his first album, Josh has been hard at work with new cellist and fellow songwriter Mike Ronstadt on their new album "the last great loss" and has been touring constantly. Stayed Tuned, as this a very exciting time for us all.