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Cake Like Currents: As of late, Kerri Kenney of Cake Like has been visible on Comedy Central's Reno 911. Visit her official site for more info. - See their great collection of Cake Like links

Released in the fall of 1995 on John Zorn's Avant label, Cake Like's first full length Delicious was dubbed, "one of the most inspiring debuts this year" by CMJ. Shortly there after, the band signed to Vapor Records, and released their second full length, Bruiser Queen, in May 1997. Along the way they also recorded a 7", "Mr. Fireman," produced by Ric Ocasek.

As a band, the three have toured the U.S. and Europe, headlining, and opening for bands such as, Fugazi, Soul Coughing, Cibo Matto, Shudder To Think, Girls Against Boys, Jad Fair, Luscious Jackson, Laika, and The Kelley Deal 6000. They've played many festivals, including the H.O.R.D.E. Festival in 1997. They've also appeared on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and "Viva Variety."

For the six years Cake Like have been making their own brand of rock n' roll, Kerri, Jody, and Nina have continued to pursue their "day jobs" in television, fashion and theater, respectively.

Nina has appeared in six off-Broadway and off-off Broadway productions over the past year, including "Sex, a.k.a. Wieners and Boobs," which she starred in, and which went on to have a successful run in Los Angeles, where will be presented again this July. In addition, she spent two months in France in the fall of 1998 performing with Russian director Natacha Kantor's company, Banal Molotov. She's also a co-founder of The Hourglass Group, a non-profit company dedicated to putting women's words and experiences at the center of the stage. For their first major production Hourglass will produce the first New York revival of Mae West's 1926 play "SEX" for which they have secured the option from the estate of Mae West.

Jody is currently working with a design team that's launching a menswear snowboarding line for "OP" (remember those early 80's Hawaiian screen print shirts?). Luckily, she works with people who let her come and go so she can still do the band thing. She also devoting some time to designing a line of hand bags.

Since completing the recording of GOOD-BYE, SO WHAT, Kerri has been living part-time in Los Angeles while working on a new television project with her three writing partners - a group of guys she's been working with for eleven years. Beginning as the comedy group THE STATE in 1988, their last television show, "Viva Variety" ran for three years on Comedy Central. Next they will write, perform and produce a new show for Fox, which will not be completed until next year.

Goodbye, So What, produced and mixed by Craig Ross, is Cake Like's third recording.

Bruiser Queen

Goodbye So What
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